Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Domino's Chocolate Lava Cake, free offer

Domino's has introduced a new dessert item: Chocolate Lava Crunch Cake.

It is oven-baked chocolate cake, crunch on the outside, with warm chocolate fudge on the inside.

An order of 2 Chocolate Lava Crunch Cakes is priced at $3.99.

But right now you can get a free Cake when you purchase an order of Domino's BreadBowl Pasta at regular price through September 13.

Also, if you birthday happens to be in August, you can get a free Chocolate Lava Crunch Cake. Just stop by a Domino's location with proof of your birthday.

Here's Domino's BreadBowl Pasta alongside the new dessert:

The Chocolate Lava Crunch Cake has 357 calories and 17 grams of fat. Here's the complete nutritional information:

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sonic Chillers & Bundt Cake Sundae

Sonic has 2 new limited time menu items this month.

The first is the Sonic Chiller. They taken their famous (and beloved by me) Cherry Limeade and blended it with vanilla soft serve. It is topped with whipped topping, a fresh lime wedge and a cherry.

But you don't have to limit yourself to my favorite... all the limeade flavors can be made as a Sonic Chiller, like Strawberry Limeade or Classic Limeade.

Speaking of Cherry Limeade, when you order a Sonic combo meal you get a free Route 44 drink upgrade (also limited time only).

The second new menu item are Sonic's n Bundt Cake Sundaes.

Sonic's mini-sized chocolate Bundt cakes are filled with warm hot fudge and covered with vanilla soft serve, whipped topping and a cherry.

The Bundt Cake Sundaes come in 3 varieties:  the Molten Chocolate, The Strawberry with hot fudge or the Turtle with caramel and lightly salted pecans.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Cold Stone's Pudding Ice Cream Doesn't Melt

Just the other day I escaped the 100°+ temperature here in Texas by indulging in some Cold Stone Creamery goodness, when I noticed a new flavor: Butterscotch JELL-O Pudding Ice Cream.

I loved Jell-O butterscotch pudding as a kid and haven't had it in a long time, so I ordered it without hesitation (I added white chocolate chips and caramel, btw).

It lived up to my expectations. It really tasted just like I remember the Jell-O pudding tasting.

Today I came across an article about this new Jell-O Pudding Ice Cream at Cold Stone in Invention and Technology News, of all places.

Turns out the new Jell-O Pudding Ice Cream flavors at Cold Stone Creamery is something quite new and unique.... it doesn't melt like regular ice cream, it just turns into pudding.

In a statement from Cold Stone Creamery:
Developed through rigorous testing and tasting, this line of entirely new ice cream flavors has been achieved to not only taste like pudding, but also mimic the characteristics and texture that is recognized as JELL-O pudding yet in a frozen form. The most interesting and surprising feature of this new ice cream is that it does not melt. When left at room temperature this ice cream actually turns into pudding – now that’s ice cream innovation.

It also comes in a chocolate flavor.

Although this isn't exactly 'fast food' I just had to share.


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Jack's Holiday Shakes

Looks like it's time for those special fast food holiday shakes!

We wrote about Chick-fil-a's Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshake last week.

Now Jack in the Box has announced that their Egg Nog and Pumpkin Shakes are back for the holidays, too.

They have returned each year since their introductions in 2000 and 2004 respectively.
"Our Egg Nog and Pumpkin Pie shakes have become real signs of the season for many of our guests,” said Teka O’Rourke, director of menu marketing and promotions for Jack in the Box Inc. “They're a delicious way to get into the holiday spirit."
They'll be available for a limited time, of course, and priced at $2.49 for the 16 oz size and $2.99 for the 24 oz size.

The 16 oz Egg Nog Shake has 730 calories, 320 of them from fat. But hey, it's the holidays and that New Year's resolution is months away! Go for the 24 oz Egg Nog Shake with 1450 calories, 610 calories from fat, 68 grams of fat (105% of the daily recommended amount) and 24 grams of saturated fat (225% of the daily recommended amount)!! Unfortunately you'll be getting 3 grams of Trans Fat with that, too. Ho Ho Ho!!

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Homestyle Chicken and Churro's From Jack, too

Okay, this is the third Jack in the Box post for today (and they would have been another if I didn't cover two topics in this one!), but that's just the way news happens... and, frankly, we haven't gotten any fast food news from Jack in the Box for quite awhile.

First, Jack in the Box is integrating their Homestyle Chicken Fillet into two new menu items, the Homestyle Ranch Chicken Club and the Breakfast Homestyle Chicken Biscuit.

The Homestyle Ranch Chicken Club puts the homestyle chicken fillet on a bun with bacon, 'swiss-style' cheese, lettuce and tomato, with ranch sauce. It has 760 calories and 38 grams of fat (complete nutritional information is below). It is priced at $4.29.

The Breakfast Homestyle Chicken Biscuit, is the chicken fillet on a warm buttermilk biscuit. No nutritional data yet. It costs $2.99. Both are served all day.

"Crispy chicken items are very appealing to consumers," said Teka O'Rourke, director of menu marketing and promotions for Jack in the Box Inc. "We've had great success with our Jack's Spicy Chicken sandwich and think the home-made flavor of our new Homestyle Chicken will also be a hit with guests."

Secondly, Jack is introducing a new dessert to "reflect a growing trend...toward smaller desserts."

The Mini Churros are bite-sized pastries with a cinnamon sugar filling.

The come in a 5-count and 10-count size. 5 Mini Churros are $1.00, ten cost $1.89.

"Bite-sized treats, like our new Mini Churros, have been increasing in
popularity," said Teka O'Rourke, director of menu marketing and
promotions for Jack in the Box Inc. "They're ideal for guests who want
just a little something sweet after a meal or as a snack."

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Monday, September 22, 2008

BK Oreo Sundae Shake, Which is it?

Burger King is now taking your vote on the matter of their Oreo Sundae Shake.

Is it a Sundae, or is it a Shake?

When you vote you are registered to win some prizes:
20 Grand prizes: 80GB Apple® iPod® classics,
100 First prizes: Apple® iTunes® $10 Gift Cards
100 Second prizes: $10 BK™ Crown Cards

In addition to your vote, they're also taking your address, phone number, e-mail address and a couple other survey questions. At least they give you the option as to whether or not you'd like to receive "additional marketing communications about Burger King" or "ure correspondence from Kraft® regarding products and promotions."

Oh, and a few nutritional facts about the Oreo BK Sundae Shake. The medium chocolate one conveniently gives you 100% of your recommended daily intake of Saturated Fat all in one place! It also supplies almost 1,000 calories and 32 grams of fat (that's half your daily recommended intake).* But heck, that all makes sense, the thing ways over a pound! Plenty of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) for all!

The rest:

*for a 2,000 calorie diet

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Monday, July 07, 2008

Move over Frosty! New frozen drinks at Wendy's

Two years ago this month, Wendy's finally began offering a variation on their 36 year old "Frosty." The original Frosty was chocolate... in July of 2006 Wendy's started selling a vanilla Frosty.

Now Wendy's has a whole new collection of Frosty variations.

These new variations include sippable ones. The original Frosty was served only with a spoon.

The frozen drinks now available at Wendy's include:
(Click the links above for descriptions and nutritional info from Wendy's.)

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Sonic's Banana Split Blast

For National Ice Cream month (July), Sonic is now serving a "Banana Split Blast" for a limited time.

The Banana Split Blast includes bananas and strawberries blended into vanilla soft serve and drizzled with chocolate syrup, whipped topping and a cherry.

The 14 oz. Banana Split Blast has 560 calories, 140 calories from fat, 16 grams of fat, 10 grams saturated fat, .5 grams trans fat, 55 mg cholesterol, 210 mg sodium, 98 grams carbs, 2 grams fiber, 76 grams sugar, 7 grams protein.

The 20 oz. Banana Split Blast has 790 calories 190 calories from fat, 21 grams fat, 13 grams saturated fat, 1 gram trans fat, 75 mg cholesterol, 280 mg sodium, 141 grams carbohydrates, 3 grams fiber, 109 grams sugar, 9 grams protein.

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