Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Subway To Pass McDonald's Restaurant Number

Sometime in the next few months Subway will surpass McDonald's number of world-wide restaurant locations.

Subway is expected to pass 31,800 restaurants this week bringing it within 400 of McDonald's 32,158 restaurant locations.

Subway remains way behind McDonald's in revenue, though. The average US McDonald's had about $2.3 million in sales last year; the average Subway, about $445,000.

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

KFC Expands Value Menu

KFC has expanded their Value Menu. For the first time it will include some of their new Grilled Chicken.

The new Value Menu items fall into 3 value price categories, $1.99, $1.49, and 99¢.

The $1.99 items include:
  • Kentucky Grilled Value Box – choice of either a Kentucky Grilled drumstick or thigh with Potato Wedges
  • Snack Boxes:
    • Popcorn Chicken with Potato Wedges,
    • Three Hot Wings with Potato Wedges,
    • Snack Size Bowl, or
    • Honey BBQ Sandwich
For $1.49:
  • Little Bucket Parfait
  • Side Salad or KFC Toasted Wrap
And 5 items for 99¢
  • Mini Melt – pulled chicken doused in Honey BBQ Sauce and mixed with a 3-cheese blend, wrapped in a fresh tortilla and grill-pressed
  • Brownie Bites – 3 pack
  • KFC Snacker Sandwiches
  • Two Biscuits
  • Two Apple Turnovers


McDonald's Using Foreign Beef in US Angus Burgers

You would think that McDonald's would turn exclusively to US farmers for the Angus beef in their new Angus Third Pounder Burgers sold in US stores.

Instead they have upped their deal with New Zealand farmers to export over 22,000 tons of beef (that's enough for over 132 million Angus Third Pounders). They'll be mixing that NZ Angus with US Angus for the new burgers.

McDonald's must be getting a great deal, because they literally couldn't find someplace farther away from the US to get additional Angus beef.

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