Diet and Weight Loss

The information here is intended to give you information an overview of some of the most successful (and popular) diet and weight loss programs, and links to further information. But remember, the best source of information on dieting, nutrition and weight loss is your doctor. You should always consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet, starting a diet, or taking any medication.

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Diet & Weight Loss Programs:

Nutri-System: The Nutri-System program centers on the "NutriSystem Nourish" foods that are supplied to you as part of the program. They have over 100 pre-prepared meals and desserts that are shipped to you directly. These foods and the program that goes with them are specially designed to help you lose weight. In addition to food, Nutri-System supplies you with planners, on-line counseling, on-line information, and web discussions. [more info]

Weight Watchers: The Weight Watchers program uses their patented 'Points' system of dieting. All foods are assigned a certain 'Points' value. Your customized diet from Weight Watchers lets you know how many points you should have each day. To help you with your diet there are Weight Watchers meetings (like a support group) that you can attend in person or on-line. [more info]

eDiets: eDiets has a number of on-line diet programs that you can sign up for. eDiets provides you with guidelines for following the diet tailored to your specific needs and tracks your progress for you. It is like having your own personal diet consultant. Some of the diet plans you can sign-up for include: The Slim-Fast Plan, The Zone Diet, The Shape-Up Plan, The Atkins Nutritional Approach, The Cholesterol Lowering Diet Plan, and The Perricone Nutritional Face-Lift.

Diet Aids:

Nutri-Counter: The NutriCounter is a portable digital device that has over 2,000 food items stored in memory. You can call up foods that you eat and save the nutritional information into daily totals for each of the nine nutritional categories. You can also enter your own favorites (like fast food from this site). Keeping track of what you eat (including nutritional information) is useful if your following your own diet plan, and this device makes it quite a bit easier. [more info]

Fast Food Facts Book: With any diet it is important to know the nutritional data for the food you're eating. Our web site offers you the latest data on your favorite fast food. It is also available in book form so you can access the data anywhere, anytime. If this would be helpful to you, consider purchasing the Fast Food Facts Book.

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Prescription Diet Drugs: Some drugs have been developed in recent years to help people control or lose their weight. Some of these drugs have side-effects and some are not advised for people with certain medical conditions (consult your doctor).

  • Xenical: Xenical is currently the most popular diet drug. It works differently from other all other diet drugs by blocking fat from being absorbed into your body.
    More info on Xenical.

  • Other diet drugs: Other diet drugs are available on-line at USA Prescriptions.

Nutritional Supplements

EZ-WeightLoss: EZ Weight Loss is a great on-line store with a wide variety of nutritional supplements for all your diet, weight loss, and other fitness needs. Check them out here.

Exercise & Fitness

Wai Lana Yoga: Wait! Don't let the word Yoga cause you to skip this section. I was surprised at how helpful Yoga can be in many ways. Not just a form of exercise, but also a relief for aches and pains, and a great way to help yourself relax. You may have seen Wai Lana on your local PBS TV stations. Her website offers her instructional videos & DVDs. There is a great deal of useful information on the site. [more info]

Fitness Equipment: 'Smooth Fitness' is my favorite source for exercise equipment (like treadmills, home gyms, and elliptical trainers). They offer factory direct prices, saving you 40%-45%, on the some of the best professional equipment that is available to consumers like you and me. Check them out at Smooth Fitness