About Fast Food Facts

Fast Food Facts is a regularly updated web site providing nutritional information about the food served at many popular fast food restaurants.

Fast Food Facts is NOT affiliated with any restaurant or diet program (or any other company for that matter). It is simply an information resource supported by advertising and the sale of the Fast Food Facts book.

All the nutritional information collected by Fast Food Facts is free to access using the search forms at www.foodfacts.info or www.fastfoodfacts.info.

Although I strive to constantly update the database with information on new food items, I may have missed something. If there is something you would like added to Fast Food Facts, please contact me.

I should also mention that I do not endorse or condemn fast food. I simply provide this information for you to use however you please. Also, I am not a doctor or nutritionist, so I do not make health or diet suggestions. Hopefully this information will be useful for people dieting and for people with conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. Remember, ALWAYS consult your doctor before making any diet changes!

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     Ken Kuhl

PS. Fast Food Facts used to part of my personal web page at www.kenkuhl.com/fastfood but due to its popularity, it now has it's own home...here!