Wednesday, September 03, 2008

McDonald's Employees' Annoyances

It has been 2 years since we posted Joanna's McRules --rules for McDonald's customers. Today we revisit the world of McDonald's Talk, a LiveJournal community of McDonald's employees (where Joanna originally posted her McRules).

Lilac_Elf, a 26 year old McDonald's employee in Michigan has posted "55 Customer Annoyances." The list includes advice to McDonald's customers and some things that perpetually bother McDonald's employees. The first 23 were submitted by other members of the McDonald's Talk community.

This list is far less controversial than the McRules (afterall, Joanna did get fired for her list), but does shine some light on life as a McDonald's drive-thru queen.

Here are some selections from the list (my comments are in italics):

8. I'm not sorry it is against your religion to eat bacon. I told you there was bacon on the sandwich before you ordered, you moron. It is called a Ranch BLT for a reason. (Seriously? Do people that don't eat pork really not know what a BLT is?)

16. The driver must order for everyone. I can not hear your 5 year old in the back seat of your mini-van, mom. (I'll bet that does get annoying!)

19. Afraid that we are somehow transmitting Mad Cow Disease in our beef? Don't eat at a freaking BURGER restaurant. (Do people ask about Mad Cow Disease at the drive-thru window?)

20. Mute people need to come inside. How the hell do I take your order in drive-thru?

23. Do not, and I repeat DO NOT come through drive-thru naked. I have the right to refuse service to you.

(I'd love to know more about the situations that prompted these last 2 annoyances!!)

35. This is not an IHOP! Do not waffle on your orders! Our computers usually only allow a certain number of corrections before it locks us out. (I get it! This also might be a goal for many changes to lock out the register?)

42. When you pull to my speaker and talk right after the recording PLEASE don’t get snippy with me when I ask you to repeat your order. If I was away from the computer then I probably didn’t pay attention to what you wanted.

44. Do not talk on your cell phone while you are ordering. It makes it confusing for whoever is taking your order. (I sympathize!)

46. “Well, other McDonalds do it.” Then go to another McDonalds.


Order your copy today!


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