Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Now a 911 Call Over McNuggets

There has been another incident of a woman calling 911 to complain about her fast food (or lack thereof), this time the complaint was about McNuggets.

Latreasa Goodman (pictured) called 911 not just once, but 3 times to complain that a McDonald's employee wasn't giving her a refund for the chicken nuggets she wanted.

You can listen to all three 911 calls below.

Evidently Goodman ordered a 10-piece chicken McNugget meal and paid for it, after which she was told they were out of McNuggets and told to pick something else off the menu because they could not refund her money. That is reprehensible, on McDonald's part, but not quite a 911 emergency.

Goodman was issued a written notice to appear in court for misusing 911.

Carlos Solorzano, operations manager for all McDonald's restaurants in Florida, issued a statement Tuesday apologizing for the incident.

"Satisfying each and every customer that visits our restaurants is very important to us," Solorzano said. "Regarding this isolated incident, we apologize for the inconvenience caused. In the event that we are unable to fill an order, a customer should be offered the choice of a full refund or alternative menu items. We regret that in this instance, that wasn't the case.

"We want to correct our mistake. We will be sending the customer her refund, along with an invitation to return for her original order, on us. We never want to disappoint a McNuggets fan or any McDonald's customer. Customer satisfaction is our top priority."

McNugget 911 call #1:

McNugget 911 call #2:

McNugget 911 call #3:
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Anonymous coffee said...

the only thing worse than no chicken nuggets is when they have chicken nuggets... but no BBQ sauce

3/05/2009 9:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

of course this does not constitute an emergency, that's why it made the news all over the world, and she should be charged for the misuse of the 911 service...
That being said, if you pay for something and you don't get and they keep yur money it's technically a theft...Mcdonald's kept her money...she sould have gone to the manager, the ceo, the local press? but this lady has a deep psyco problem, give her a break and order she goes to some serious therapy and does community service...
The irony is ne can go to jail for stealing a single McD's should not be allowed to steal either... she will probably sue their pants off and BUY the McDs franchise!...

3/06/2009 10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love mcnuggets, so i'm 49% on her side and 49% on mc d's side.but 2% on the cops side. no questions.

3/08/2009 2:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
This other (white) lady called 911 because burger king didn't make her burger right. She refused a refund, and refused to leave the drive thru but she wasn't arrested for 911 misuse.

3/13/2009 11:41 PM  
Blogger Ian Maxwell said...

The other (white) lady didn't call 911, she called the sheriff's office (despite what the article here might say). Listen to the beginning of the call.

9/09/2009 11:41 PM  

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