Thursday, October 30, 2008

Free Taco Fallout - Taco Bell

Last week I told you about the free taco on Tuesday at Taco Bell.

Hopefully some of you got to take advantage of the promotion and get a free taco.

There's been some other fallout from Taco Bell's Stolen Base/Taco promotion:

The Tampa Bay player, Jason Bartlett, who stole a base in the World Series and thereby activated this promotion has certainly heard from America about their free Taco.

Bartlett's cell phone has been inundated with messages and texts congratulating him on the stolen base and thanking him for the free taco.

He has had to change his number!

Also, a Consumerist reader who was checking his local police logs noticed that his local Taco Bell was having some problems with the folks lined up in the drive-thru waiting for their free taco.

Evidently this particular Taco Bell wasn't willing to give a free taco to everyone in a vehicle in the drive-thru. Although the rules only specifiy one per person (not one per vehicle).

Tell us about your free taco (if you got one)... was their a long line? did you have any trouble getting it?


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Anonymous Kevin said...

I made "free taco day" into my own personal vision quest. I live in Detroit and work south of Detroit, so there were five separate Taco Bell restaurants on my way back from the 'burbs. At two of the places, I went inside and then went through the drive thru in order to get 2 tacos from the same place. One taco bell was currently being remodeled, so only the drive thru was open. However, they were the only place that gave me a choice between hard and soft, and I went soft since it cost 99 cents instead of 89 for the hard shell taco. Once back in the D, I stopped at a Taco Bell/KFC combo (worst combo ever) and they told me the promotion had been suspended. My reaction was, SERIOUSLY, and I sped away since it was only 5:30pm EST and I knew I could still hit one more Taco Bell before the promotion ended at 6. I went inside to a crowded Taco Bell and placed my order for one taco at 5:58pm, then like 20 people walk in talking about baseball and wanting their tacos but I'm not sure if the store was strict on the 6pm cut off...

So, I ended up with 7 tacos, dinner was served (and lunch for the next day). Note, reheating tacos in the microwave is awful.

11/01/2008 2:23 PM  

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