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Fast Food Facts
While we’re talking about burning fat, check out the sobering facts about the fare from your local fast-food chain. Compare the nutritional value (what little there is) of your favorite burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries and more. If the drive-thru staff knows you by name, it’s time to make some dietary changes. It’s a whole new year, after all!

Fit For All
“Your Customized Connection to Total Well-Being,” this site offers no-nonsense information, create-your-own workouts, message boards and a shopping section for all kinds of gear and apparel. Fit For All targets a broad audience, so if you’re just starting an exercise or weight-loss program, this is a useful site to check out.

Hardcore Bodybuilding
If the exercise and diet information here doesn’t motivate you, the photos and competition results certainly will. This site tells you “how to get huge” in simple terms: The Get Big Diet, the hardcore training program and the exercise descriptions provide an effective foundation for building your body into a work of art. I noticed quite a few spelling and grammatical errors on this site, but their information is solid.

Ephedra Education Council
Is losing weight one of your New Year’s resolutions? Thinking about trying a supplement with ephedra? Experts are split: Some say this phytochemical is safe when used as directed, and this site gives you all the facts. The “Question and Answer” section offers detailed information on the safety and usefulness of ephedra, as well as the FDA’s position on it.

Fat-Free Recipe Collection
OK, you kicked your fast-food habit after visiting the last site. Now you need some recipes that fit your new diet. offers more than 4,000 healthy recipes. You can use the search engine, but I prefer to browse. You could find a recipe that becomes your new favorite.

Thermogenic FAQ
Looking for more info on fat-burners before you buy? This site gives you a comprehensive explanation of how the ECA (ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin) stack works in its true and herbal forms. You’ll also find a comparison of price, quality and how many capsules you need daily to get the recommended dosage. There’s a lot of great info here.

Daily Rating
Part diary and part Neilson ratings, this site helps you to keep track of your life and then compares it to the lives of others around the world. Sign up for questions — use theirs or create your own — and then simply e-mail your answers; Daily Rating will keep track of it all. This site is not only fun to browse, it’s motivating to read about things that other people like yourself are doing. Maybe I need to get off the Net and get a life!

Sports for Women
This site is more spectator than participant, but it’s still a great place to surf if you follow women’s sports. The news section is overflowing with up-to-the-minute headlines, and the features section offers fan- magazine-type articles and interviews. Sports training information is hidden in the departments section. Click on “Personal Best” for articles on overtraining, kayaking, training for your first triathlon and more.
Ever watch those strongman competitions on late-night ESPN? You know the ones — massive men throwing logs, carrying cars or squatting 900 lb of bricks. If you’re fascinated by these feats of strength — or even mildly intrigued — check out the Strongest Man Web site for pictures, sound clips, interviews and competitor profiles.
They call themselves the “Weight Loss Community,” but Nutrio has plenty to offer fitness enthusiasts, whether they are watching the scale or not. With dietitians, physicians and athletic trainers working behind the scenes, Nutrio offers customized nutrition and fitness plans, plus lots of cool tools to help you eat right, burn fat and build more muscle.

Great Outdoors
Adventure travel, climbing, diving, mountain biking, snowboarding — if you’re into outdoor sports, this is the site for you. Clean-looking and easy to navigate, offers trail guides, training tips, gear reviews, event calendars and forums. You’ll also find reports on weather conditions, as well as Webcams from your favorite outdoor adventure destinations.

Runner’s World Online
This site is heaven on the Web for runners — and just plain informative for the rest of us fitness buffs. Included is information about motivation, weight loss, marathon training, stretching, proper apparel, nutrition and injury prevention, as well as footwear reviews, treadmill workouts and buyers guides. Easy-to-read articles and active forums give this site a real community feel.

Learning to Relax
I’m a big advocate of meditation as a healthy and effective way to reduce stress, and this site is a peaceful place to visit to find out more. I love the “Meditation Room,” where you can actually listen to various meditations.

Mind Tools: Stress Management
This comprehensive site offers a complete guide to stress management. I like the detailed explanations of stress-reduction techniques, as well as the helpful tips on how to use stress as a motivational tool.

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